Эко Кэм в Грузии, Батуми, Черное море

svaneti2 days tour

Svaneti is the highest mountainous region of Georgia. As the Georgians say - not to visit Svaneti, it means not to see Georgia. The famous Svan towers, the village of Ushguli with unique medieval architecture, included in the UNESCO heritage, the beautiful Ingur gorge, the Chazha castle and of course acquaintance with the Svans - a harsh, freedom-loving but extremely hospitable people awaits us on this journey.
Our way will pass first to the capital of Megrelia - the city of Zugdidi, where we will visit the patrimonial palace of the Megrel princes Dadiani - the rulers of Megrelia. We will try the local Megrelian cuisine (which, according to many, is considered the best in Georgia), and we will take a beautiful road, along the Ingur gorge, directly to the mountains.
Having reached the mark of 1500 meters, we will find ourselves in Mestia - the main city of Svaneti - this is a unique place with stunning views and architecture. We'll spend the night in a hotel, with a view of the mountains and a family Svan dinner.

In the morning we will cross over to the off-road cars and climb even higher into the mountains. We are waiting for Ushguli, the highest mountainous permanent settlement in Europe, it is at an altitude of 2200 meters. It is thanks to Ushguli, the architectural ensemble, which is a valuable architectural and historical monument, Upper Svaneti was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We will visit the temple of Lamaria with its ancient frescoes, visit the museum-museum of Chazhashi. We will rise to Chazhash Castle, which in the past was the residence of Queen Tamara, and of course we will enjoy the ancient architecture of Ushguli.