Эко Кэм в Грузии, Батуми, Черное море

vardzia2 days tour

The cave city of Vardzia

In the south-western part of Georgia (6 km from the border with Turkey) is the cave city of Vardzi. This is one of the significant monuments of the ancient material culture of Georgia. For many tens of meters along the banks of the Kura stretch sheer cliffs, which are carved numerous buildings of cultural and secular purpose. The construction of this complex and monastery was started under the reign of King George III (1156 - 1184) and completed in the reign of his daughter - Queen Tamara (Queen Tamar) (1184 - 1213).
Vardzia is not just a cave room, chaotically dug in a steep rock. This is a real multi-storey complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading past monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries, residential buildings. In total, more than 600 connected walkways, which stretched along the mountain for a length of 800 meters, deep into the mountains at 50 meters and at a height of thirteen floors. Outside, the monastery was almost invisible. In the monastery was conducted a 3.5-kilometer water pipeline, the water from which was stored in a large pool behind the main church. In total there were fifteen churches in the monastery, the main one of which was the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, painted with frescoes.

Borjomi - health resort of Georgia

The resort Borjomi has gained worldwide fame due to the healing properties of mineral springs. They are more than a thousand years old. The healing water from Borjomi for many centuries is famous for healing blood, nervous system diseases, purifying the body and exerting a miraculous effect on skin and beauty, on overall health, vigor and youth. The resort is located in the valley of beautiful mountains and is buried in coniferous forests.