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Martville canyons are an amazing and mysterious place, surrounded by rare relict forests, underground rivers, high cliffs. The canyon itself is located in the Martvili district on the Abashi river. This place is considered a bright natural landmark of Georgia. Open this place for tourists just a few years ago.
This place is more than 200 ml years. Here, not only the ancient virgin nature but also a rich history. Traces of dinosaurs and ancient animals have survived to this day and have survived to the present day in the oak-rocky rocks. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms in the seas, which means that many years ago there was a sea that was gradually drained and fabulous beautiful Martville rocks appeared. Over a very long period of time rainwater and mountain rivers have made the greatest beauty that we now call the Martville Canyons which reach a height of more than 45 meters, at the bottom of which the river flows. Make a boat trip, take a dip in the natural pool with crystal clear water,
The Martvil Monastery begins its history in the 7th century. Not once attacked and every time it is being restored, it has more than once confirmed the historical significance for its people. The monastery was not only the abode of shrines (there were preserved frescoes dating from the 14th century), but also a cultural center. The monastery became the burial-vault of the Dadiani dynasty, which ruled until 1866, whose residence is several hundred meters away. Architecture and magnificent gardens are always pleased with the charming beauty of its visitors.


On the way we will also visit the ancient fortress, which the Argonauts called Archeopolis and unique mineral hot springs. Hot springs have a temperature of 100 degrees. In it you can swim in a place where mineral water flows into the river. The nature there is wild and incredibly beautiful.
Also we will visit the caves of Prometheus. This is 1, 5 km. Fascinating spectacle with a variety of stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes and rivers.
The Okache River, which flows in the Honsk municipality of the Imereti region, is interesting with two canyons, which can be safely attributed to the number of natural attractions in western Georgia.
The upper one (1,020 meters above sea level) is distinguished by a powerful waterfall with a drop height of about 100 meters (it was nicknamed "Kinczha"), forming a small lake, from which the water flow leaves even lower and the second cascade (height about 20 meters) It overthrew in the surroundings of the nearby village of Kved Kinche. This part of the canyons is also remarkable by the fact that the local princes, apparently, used the natural reservoirs appearing here in several places as a bath, as evidenced by the traces of special stone buildings that can now be found in that part of the upper canyon that is located meters away 100-150 above a small stepped waterfall, after which, up to the big waterfall, the most beautiful part of these canyons stretches, as if carved from a polished white stone. Near the stepped waterfall, you can see a pile of stones, apparently serving as a backbone for the already defunct bridge, with which you could move to the other side. The upper canyon is a relatively wild place, civilization is almost never seen. In the lower canyons a remarkably picturesque road of more than 2 km is built. With observation platforms. Excursion in Okatse is designed for those who like long hiking.
On the way we will also visit the ancient monastery, see the old town of Kutaisi, which still remembers M. Lermontov.

Also we will visit the caves of Sataplia, where ancient traces and remains of dinosaurs have been preserved!