Эко Кэм в Грузии, Батуми, Черное море

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Among the botanical gardens of the world, the Batumi Botanical Garden is a real pearl with an invaluable collection of nature. Located 9 km north of Batumi, on the slopes of Mtsvane Kontshi (Cape Verde).
In Batumi botanical garden collected almost all the vegetable kingdom of subtropics and tropics (The garden collection consists of 2037 units of trees and plants). The garden consists of the lower and upper parts and the collection is made according to the geography of the countries from which the plants are collected. From New Zealand, a visitor enters the Himalayas, Australia, Japan, China or the countries of the Americas. You can walk through 111 hectares of various gardens enjoying a beautiful view of the Black Sea. This is the most beautiful place in the world. The Botanical Garden is also important in the sense that it was created to preserve endemic fruit and berry species that are rare or on the verge of extinction. There is no season without flowering plants in this botanical masterpiece.