Эко Кэм в Грузии, Батуми, Черное море

batumiOne day tour

There are cities on Earth, having visited them, you always leave there a part of your heart where you feel easy and peaceful. One of these cities is Batumi, the land of generous sun and gentle sea, the city of smiles, filled with the aroma of coffee and the smoke from the barbecue, the fragrance of roses and the smell of mandarin, attracting the gaze with the turbulent colors of the subtropics at any time of the year. Night Batumi is not just beautiful, it is divinely beautiful! Millions of large and small lights of all kinds, palms and cypresses, stylized for night lights, luminous sculptures, the old city, the embankment - all this is so fantastic that it causes rapture and awe in the soul of even the most experienced person.
In the vicinity of Batumi there is the Botanical Garden, along which people can walk.